HIFIS Access and User Agreement
(Homeless Individuals and Families Information System)

*Service Provider:
*Do you supervise front line workers who will be HIFIS users?
(To receive verification code)

Note: It is very important to the County of Simcoe to protect the privacy of participants’/clients’ and users’ information.
“Two Factor Authentication” (2FA) helps to keep your HIFIS account secure by validating using two indicators: 1) HIFIS username and password, and 2) verification code (security token). This is very similar to what you may be using to access other secure websites such as for banking, email and social media.
In order to complete your HIFIS account, we need your cell phone number:

  1. Once you have successfully entered your HIFIS username and password, a verification code will be sent to your cell phone via a text message.
  2. Enter the verification code into the “Security Token” field in the HIFIS Log-in Screen.
(Cannot be a shared email)
*Did you participate in HIFIS training last year with the County of Simcoe?
*What type of user would you classify yourself as?
Note: The term "client" is used in HIFIS and "participant" in our services system.
I understand that I will be allowed access to confidential information and/or records in order that I may perform my specific job duties and none other.  I further understand and agree that I am not to disclose confidential information, and/or participant records without the prior written consent of the County of Simcoe, unless such disclosure is required by law.

User Responsibilities:

Your Username and Password give you access to your agency's data in the County of Simcoe HIFIS.  Check each item below to indicate your understanding and acceptance of the proper user of this access. Failure to uphold the confidentiality standards set forth below is grounds for suspension of HIFIS User privileges until such time as the issue is resolved. (Please select all)
Ethical Data Usage:

Once you have completed HIFIS training and your HIFIS Access and User Agreement, you are entitled to access to the County of Simcoe HIFIS. In addition to the responsibilities listed above, you must also adhere to the following principles of ethical data usage. (Please select all)
By affixing my name into the textbox below, I acknowledge that I have been apprised of the County of Simcoe HIFIS Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (to be developed) concerning access, use, maintenance, and disclosure of confidential information and/or records that shall be made available to me through my use of the County of Simcoe HIFIS.